Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our week w/Bestefar

Kristin, Katie, I and the kids all flew in to visit w/Bestefar and Mormor and try to help out our dear sweet wonderful Mama as much as we could. I hope we did. We hated to go and say those awful goodbyes. All of us are back home now...except for Mama who is still in Hendersonville faithfully taking care of her parents.
40 more pictures of our week on


Kristin said...

These are so nice, Candace. I am going to print out some of these and send them to Bestifar. I am so glad that someone brought their camera.

Candace said...

Considering how we all stayed fairly busy, I'm thankful we found the time to capture many nice pictures.
It's wonderful how we have SUCH a close knit family...sometimes, I wonder why God blessed me with the #1 parents of ALL TIMES!