Wednesday, April 8, 2009

California Trip

I thought I would put this one up so everyone will be encouraged to go look at the rest of the pictures I am posting TOMORROW. I was going to post them today, but I have more work than I thought before I go to work. I am posting them tomorrow morning (Thurs).


Katie said...

Daddy you look SO relaxed!! And Mama, you look absolutely beautiful in this picture! I love your shorts. You both look like you're having a ball!!

Candace said...

I know this is somewhat gross for us kids to think about...
But notice how much Daddy and Mama look so in love. They look as if they are literly glued together in this pic and Daddy's giving Mama a love squeeze and Mama' hand is clasped on Daddy's leg.
If you didn't know these people, you would know they deeply care about each other just by their body language.
You guys look so young, healthy, and robust!