Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Beginning

Here we are outside the Charlotte airport on Saturday the 11th...waiting for my dear sisters to pick us up! We won't get into that long story, will we Katie and Kristin?! LOL! :) My Bestefar(Norwegian for grandfather), became very ill and was taken to hospice...he is now doing much better and will probably leave in a couple of days. We all have stayed extremely busy so far...I will try to post more pictures later. I am SO enjoying being in my beloved south land!


photozmom said...

Kevin told us at church on Sunday about your trip and have been concerned and praying for all of you since. Been anxious to hear something so glad you posted. We love you guys and will keep your family in our prayers!

Katie said... little darling angels!! I miss them so much it's crazy!

Wish Kristin and I hadn't gotten lost so you wouldn't have had to wait so long for us. I still feel terrible about that.