Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Last weekend on Saturday, we had some glorious Spring-like weather! the mid 40s! So like hibernating bears, we went outside to enjoy some fresh air. Allyson brought Jane outside for her first adventure in the great outdoors...and where did the kitten go? guessed it, up a tree! If you find the red arrow I put on the picture below, you will spot Allyson trying to rescue her Jane from the tall pine tree.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon between church services at the Graber's. Of course, that is Allyson's best friend Anna's family. Marian cooked us a delicious meal, and the men relaxed in the recliners. The whole crew...Amos, Anna, Allyson, Adam, and Kaleb(Abby and Travis are too small to join in w/the little ones yet) had fun playing outside on the Graber's large farm and having a tea party in the picture below in which Anna and Allyson served as the perfect hostesses. :)


Anne said...

I bet Jane was thrilled to be outside and do what a cat loves to do,climb. That tea party looks like fun. How girls like to have tea parties.

Kristin said...

Ohhh man. Allyson, your aunt just loved climbing trees when she was younger. I still do but I cannot justify climbing trees now that I am old. I was up a tree everyday. I hope you were able to rescue the cat. DONT FALL

Katie said...

I just wanna bonk Allyson...what a little nut holding her tea cup sipping her little drink. HA HA HA!

Did she get Jane out of the tree?

Kevin W said...

Thats a pretty big tree allyson,hope you rescued the cat.