Friday, February 20, 2009

A hankerin' for...?

Well, if I have to endure through these long Iowa winters and frigid temperatures, I at least desire the view outside to be charming. For instance, I fancy the dead frozen ground being overlaid with a blanket of pure white clean snow. We did have that last Friday...these pictures prove it.
However this Friday, we're back to the same ol' dull brown cold ground. I never imagined I would wish for snow...but I do. :)


Anne said...

How beautiful the snow is. I would love to have a foot on the ground here. Now you need those skiis for times like those snows.

Katie said...

Oh you are so lucky to have snow! I would absolutely be thrilled to pieces if it snowed here occasionally!! Instead, all we have is beautiful, warm tropical weather year round. How horrible is that, huh? I'm juuust joking! I love the weather here, but it would be so pretty to see snow every now and then.