Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The good and the bad Tuesday

The day started out w/our noses in the school books. Everyone received Valentines cards from Mrs. Barbara in the mail. Here they are eagerly opening them...

Then everyone but Kaleb(he hasn't been feeling well) went outside to enjoy the marvelous weather we are having in Iowa. This thermometer is in the shade...it was in the 60s today.

Travis had fun playing w/sticks and in the mud.

Then because it was SO warm outside, we thought it would be appropriate to have some ice cream. :) Allyson brought out her book from Grandmother called The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions. We took turns shaking the bag to harden the cream...the results were a big success!

Around 1:00, Kaleb became more ill. So, I took him in to see the doctor...he has strep throat. During the doctor visit, Allyson occupied herself w/playing games on my cell phone.

And now we are back home, and I'm preparing supper...Turkey Primavera.


Anne said...

Poor little darling Kaleb. I hope he is better today. Barbara is such a sweet lady. How many fun times you kids have had because of her and Denton.

Coffee Bean said...

Tell my little buddy that I hope he feels better quickly! He looks pretty pathetic!

Katie said...

I want to make my own ice cream!! Poor little Kaleb. He looks so sweet and precious sitting there on the doctor table. I can see that Ally is very concerned...HA HA! I know you all are enjoying the warm weather. It has been beautiful here as well. We are planning to go to the beach this weekend if it stays nice so Eric can do some surfing.

Kristin said...

Give Kaleb a kiss for me. I always looked forward to that dollar and chewing gum from Ms Barbara and Mr. Denton. Your dinners always sound wonderful, Candace. Wish I could make more dinners. We miss you all and we are praying for Kaleb.