Monday, January 5, 2009

What we did

Below are some pictures of select activities during our days off after New Years Day.
Here is Kevin putting new brake pads on the front tires and a new rotor on the driver's side. Yay! I have my van back! :)

Allyson and I had extra fun time to play w/her Christmas presents. We are decorating her new bag.

Daddy and his two big helpers are shelling corn, that we glean from our neighbor's fields, for the chickens...Hey, free food!

Allyson and I enjoying more time together playing a fun game that she received for Christmas called 4 Way Countdown. After rolling the dice, you decide to either add, subtract, multiply, or divide the two numbers. Then flip up the number in front of you that matches your answer...the first person to flip up all their numbers(1-10) in front of them WINS! Allyson beat Kevin and I many times! :)
Kevin serenading us w/a couple of tunes.
Saturday night...the closing day of our New Years vacation...we enjoy some popcorn...and watch a suspenseful Alfred Hitchcock movie.
We had a relaxing time at home...didn't go anywhere...didn't spend any money...and loved every minute of it! I like vacations...but I'm also a person who thrives on, I welcome this Monday morning w/a smile. :)
Psalms 65:11a
Thou crownest the year with thy goodness;


Kristin said...

Candace, you guys have so much fun. When I look at us we seem so dull and boring. We seem like we never do anything fun. But we never seem like we have any time. My resolution this year is to forget about keeping up with EVERYTHING and just make time for little fun stuff. Thanks for the pics Candace.

photozmom said...

I'm with Kristin, Candace! You make "everyday" things look like fun !!! I love the pics and the way you have of sharing them with us :O)

Katie said...

Kristin, you are soooo right! The Hanna Family looks like all they do is have fun! Kevin even makes working on the car look like a blast! :-)