Monday, January 26, 2009

snowy drive & the bobbsey twins

These are the roads we drove on this morning to church. It's unbelievable how such a Southern girl as myself has become used to these driving conditions!

Anna found these two identical dresses at a secondhand her mother Marian Graber bought them for the bobbsey twins to wear to church today. Allyson and Anna just squealed and giggled w/delight when they saw each other in the same dresses this morning! :)

So which one is our BEST picture!?


photozmom said...

I am so happy for these two little girls.These two will be best friends for life :O) Love the right hand picture of you two"silly"girls !!

Anne said...

It is difficult to choose which picture I like best. I guess it would be the right one also. I miss the snow but not driving in it.They closed the schools here one day last week because the weather man PREDICTED snow. We never got any. I think that is the same bunch that tells us we have global warming. I bet you believed that as you drove to church. I think the girls look so precious in their dresses.

Katie said...

Anna and Ally look so darling in their matching dresses. It's so cute the things that make little girls soooo excited! to you two goofballs making look gorgeous in both shots. I prefer the extremely goofy one tho! ;-)

As to the snow on the road...are you nuts? I would NEVER be brave enough to drive in that!!

Kristin said...

I dont remember snow anymore...I like the picture that you guys are looking normal in. Imagine when they get older how they will feel about wearing the same outfit....They are really cute together. I so hope that meradeth will have a good christian friend when she gets older.