Saturday, January 24, 2009

movements of the week

Thursday was a warm day for Iowa...almost 40 degrees. So, we went outside for some fresh air and needed exercise!
Allyson's regular ice skating lessons on Wednesday. She had a substitute teacher...she was alot of fun Allyson you can see, the teacher's twirling around Allyson on the ice. :)

This week, Travis got to do one of his favorite things...ride on the carousel! Kaleb's on there too. And Mama is sipping on one of her favorite treats...a cafe mocha chiller from Java Juice! Yum! :)
This Saturday morning, Daddy went over to Allyson's room and spent some time cuddled up together and chitchatting. :)


photozmom said...

I love Ally's hair in the one where her teacher is twirling her.Such special times you guys have!!! Such a special family !!!

Katie said...

I am DYING to see a video of Allyson ice skating. Try to work that in on her next lesson. Get her to put on a little show for us and show us all her fanciest moves.

I love the bandana you have in your hair, Candace. I tried that one time and I looked so stupid!

Ally and Kevin look so sweet. Remember how we used to jump in the bed with Daddy on Saturdays?

Anne said...

I would love to sleigh ride and ski. I must do that again before I get too old. Allyson is getting to be a real pro.

Kristin said...

THis pic of kevin and ally is so cute. I am glad you guys are such a cuddly family like we all were. I wish I could see ally ice skating in real life. How long has she been taking lessons now.

Kristin said...

Mera rode on her first merry go round a couple months ago. She love it!