Thursday, December 25, 2008


We Hanna's give thanks for a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve night, the house was filled with excitement and torn wrapping paper. After reading the gospel of Matthew account of the birth of Jesus, Kevin and I sat back and enjoyed watching the kids open their presents. Then this morning, after reading the Christmas story from the book of Luke, we drove to Cedar Rapids and spent Christmas day w/Kevin's family...and feasted on a huge delicious Christmas dinner!

The pictures:
Travis is eager to eat HIS bar of Norwegian chocolate! Every year, my grandfather Bestefar, who is from Norway, has always given a bar of Norwegian chocolate to each one in our family for Christmas...a heartwarming tradition that I have loved for as long as I can remember.

Allyson chattering away w/her great-grandma Hanna. :)

Me...enjoying the snow at least for a little bit on this Christmas Day.

All of us kicking back, relaxing, and watching a movie at the end of the day.
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John 3:16

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Katie said...

Travis is willing to eat paper to get to the chocolate! HA HA!!

Ally looks so pretty in her pink sweater!

Candace, I'm so envious of you getting to walk around in snow. Plus, you look so cute in your skirt and tights! :-)