Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weather in CA.

Well, we haven't had any real weather yet  Just shy of an inch of rain in the last three weeks. 
 We did get some rain last night,and had some nice clouds this morning but no pics. So I wanted to show this picture from last weekend on 11/01 at the beach. It may look cold but it was actually very nice out. Warm and humid. I think Kristin put some other pics on shutterfly of the same day with Mera in them. Anyway this is typical for this time of year.    


Candace said...

Great angle you took the photo, Kevin. I was going to suggest a beach picture for Katie's weather photo. :)
Could anyone get a good rain pic? a sharp close-up...where we can acually see the rain drops falling?

Anne said...

Just looking at the picture it makes one feel that the weather is cold. Very pretty.