Friday, October 31, 2008

Here you see Martha Washington(Allyson) and the Statue of Liberty(Anna). :) Aren't they cute?

The winners for the best costume! Yippee! Hooray! :)
Standing at the Miss Charity, the wonderful Crusader's Club teacher! ...and her husband Bro. Joe Brown is standing next her. Allyson had SUCH a FUN time w/her other Crusader friends playing games and eating ice cream and candy!

Allyson receiving a gift from Miss Charity.


Katie said...

Oh Allyson, you are fantastic!! You look exactly like Martha Washington! I am so proud of you for winning 1st Place! I love you!

Katie said...

Candace, this costume turned out better than I ever imagined it would in my wildest dreams!

All the kids look just great. I really love Anna's costume! Allyson said her mother made it? Her mother is obviously VERY talented!

You did such a great job with Ally, Candace. You can tell she is absolutely loving the costume. I'm glad she went with that instead of the eagle! Ha ha ha!!

Coffee Bean said...

Did you make the costume? She looked really cute and I am glad she got to come and win 1st place!!!!

Candace said...

I didn't make the costume...unlike my mother...I can't sow a lick. :)

Anne said...

I think it is interesting that all the boys were army men. I bet Allyson wanted to keep Martha's dress to wear again.

Kristin said...

Ally won first? Wow, that is great! I always wanted mama to show me how to sew while we were growing up, but she was always too busy. Why were so busy, mama? :)