Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another candidate for President?

My name is Kaleb McCain...I'm running for President and I approve of this picture.
The kids and I were shopping at a costume shop the other day. Allyson is going to a Fall Party on the 31st...and we were here searching for a costume for her. Right before leaving, we all tried on the mask of John McCain...and I snapped a photo of Kaleb when he put it on. :)


Anne said...

You have my vote, my dear Kaleb.I recognize the jacket. He looks good in it.

Katie said...

HaHaHaHa!! That is hillarious, Candace!

On a Joyful Journey! said...

Candace, it's great to see you and your family in action :)! I've seen your website here and there, but just never made the time to leave a comment... Sooo, thought I'd change that today and get in touch with you once again. Our family is doing well. Mike and I have been blessed with a beautiful family - Stephanie will be 6 in November, David turned 4 in September and the twins - Matthew & Mark - will turn 2 the day after Christmas... and, we are expecting #5 around May 8th next year! So, life is very busy around here, but the Lord gives the necessary daily strength and grace as I've been pretty sick as usual during the beginning months of my pregnancies(11 weeks today). Well, I won't write a "book" on here, but once again, it's been great to watch the happenings in your family. Take care! Lovingly, Lisa (Pletcher) Faidley