Saturday, September 6, 2008

We love Grandaddy and Grandmother!

No matter where our lives may go, We will trust the Lord above
And through it all always thank Him for our grandparent's love.
Grandparents Day - Sunday the 7th
From: Meradeth, Allyson, Kaleb and Travis!


Anne said...

I just came upstairs and looked at the blog;I bet it is the 5th time today I have looked already. We always find time for what we really like, and I REALLY enjoy the blog. Well,this is the first time today that I saw these sweet pictures. What darling,precious grandbabies the Lord has blessed us with. I can not tell you how much they mean to me and how much I love them all.

grandaddy said...

What 4 precious faces!!! sure is a blessing to have such 4 sweet grandchildren...that is what makes being a grandparent so wonderful! ...The creating power of God is so amazing, to be able to make 4 little innocent children that have all the emotions and love and excitement and enthusiasum for life and still have some of the personality traits of their parents and grandparents...i sure count it a tremendous blessing to have them as my grandchildren.
love you all,