Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The kick-off of the '08 Preaching Jubilee and 35th Anniversary Sunday

I think this is such a cute picture...Anna watched over Kaleb very well.

The toy on the right is what Kaleb is sliding down.

This past Sunday was our Pastor Brown's 35th anniversary of pastoring Marion Avenue Baptist Church...AND for Marion Avenue Baptist because the church has only ever had ONE pastor...Dr. Larry Brown. The following pictures were taken at the fairgrounds by Saundra Hoffert. The bus kids spent their Sunday morning at the fairgrounds...hearing preaching and playing at the carnival...that's where Kevin and the kids were all morning helping out. Kevin was the ketchup man...he said he squirted 1,200 hotdogs! Allyson and Kaleb enjoyed playing on all the huge blow-up toys! :) ...as you can see Kaleb demonstrating above.

The below post is a picture of Marion Avenue Baptist Church...the kids and I eating cake before Sunday evening service...the choir singing(can you find Kevin?)...and Pastor Brown, Mrs. Brown, Pastor's mother and sister(who the church flew in from NC as a surprise for the Pastor on his 35th anniversary). Their were over 900 in the auditorium for Sunday morning service and over 100 people got saved total at the church and the fairgrounds!


Kristin said...

This is so cool, candace. Its amazing the big events that go one in each others lives that we dont even no about anymore. When we were younger going to the bathroom was a big event that everyone new about. I am so thankful for this blog so we can hear and see about so many events, big and small.

photozmom said...

Hey Everyone....Candace told you where everyone ELSE was Sunday morning, but neglected to tell where she was. I am ALWAYS in the nursery Sunday mornings but on Carnival Sunday I am asked to go out the the fairgrounds and take pictures for the church ( and my website!) Sunday, "Nanna" turned into a beautiful, blonde, SLENDER, 30 yr old for the morning! HA! Yes! Candace was such a blessing. She took my place in the nursery to free me up to go to the carnival! I LOVE this girl ( and the family too)Thanks again Candace for your help! Nanna

Candace said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Miss Saundra! I feel the same way also about my wonderful church family. :)