Friday, September 19, 2008

I Was Tagged

4 Things I was doing 10 years ago
a)Living in an apartment
b) Walking everyday
c) Living on 1200 calories a day
d) Losing weight
e) One more, home schooling

4 things on my to do list today
a) write Barbara a letter
b) do my walking w/my weights
c) listen to Dr. Hubbard on the radio
d) get things ready for daddy to have a relaxing evening

4 things I love about my husband
a) his faithfullness to the Lord
b) his Godly example to his family
c) his love for God's Word
d) his kindnesses to me

4 jobs I have had(now I know you are all rolling on the floor w/laughter waiting to read my answer to this one) Should I list them in order of how long I lasted.
a) during my teenage years: babysitter, worked in a doughnut shop and a bakery, and a hotdog stand at the beach.
b) homeschool teacher
c) substitute teacher
d) shipyard worker

4 movies I have watched more then once
a) Little Lord Fauntleroy
b) My Man Godfrey
c) Anne of Green Gables
d) the old Pride and Predjudice

4 places I have lived
a) Canada
b) Brooklyn
c) Huntington,LI
d) Knoxville

4 places I have been
a) Grand Canyon
b) Norway
c) Yellowstone
d) Nantucket

4 places I want to visit
a) Alaska
b) Death Valley
c) Nova Scotia
d) Costa Rica

4 TV shows I watch
a) news
b) antiques road show
c) McNeil news hour on PBS
d) really old Robin Hood shows produced in England on DVD's

4 things you may not know about me
a) I was young once
b) The first time I saw Jimmy I thought he was the cutest hunk in the world
c) I still think he is the cutest hunk in the world
d) If I could go back to college for free I would and get proficient in word,excel, and access


Candace said...

I have to admit, Mama...when I read "4 jobs I have had", I did let out a few chuckles. :)
Kevin wants to visit Alaska too.

Kristin said...

Mama, you should check out your community colleges and universities. A lot of them offer "community classes" (some for free and some for a small fee). Kevin is taking a free "community" photography class. I know our college offers alot of free computer classes.