Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caleb was tagged

4 Things I was doing 10 yrs. ago...

1.     Mowing lawns

2.     Getting ready for college

3.     Riding bikes to lion’s bridge with kristin

4.     Living in the Jamestown apts.

4 Things I like about mama

1.     She is sweet

2.     She cooks me food

3.     She takes me to Costco

4.     She saves me a seat at church

4 Things on my to do list today

1.     Go to work

2.     Update POT report

3.     Do my EL schedule

4.     Watch USC vs. Oregon state game

4 Jobs I have had

1.     Tommy Gardner Heating and Air

2.     Year round lawn maintenance

3.     Print shop at PCC

4.     Northrop Grumman

4 Movies I have watched more than once

1.     Lady and the Tramp

2.     Rage at Dawn

3.     Come Out Fighting

4.     Black Stallion

4 Places I have lived

1.     Asheville, NC

2.     Knox, TN

3.     Pensacola, Fl

4.     Newport News, VA

4 Places I have been

1.     Canada

2.     California, CA

3.     New Your City, NY

4.     Atlanta, GA

4 Places I want to visit

1.     Grand Canyon

2.     Santa Maria, CA

3.     Biltmore House

4.     Miami, FL

4 TV shows I watch (all on DVD, don't have TV)

1.     Sports Center

2.     Around the Horn

3.     PTI (Pardon the Interruption)

4.     College Football Live

4 Things you may not know about me

1.     I am a sports fanatic

2.     I like Georgia Bulldogs almost as much as TN Volunteers (sorry, Candace)

3.     I don’t use a strainer when I cook noodles so they are all slimy when I eat them

4.     I haven’t washed one dish since I have lived at Windward Towers (Thanks, CJ)



Candace said...

So...posted by Kristin? Thanks for getting everyone on the ball about this, Kristin! :)
Yeah, Caleb, no forgiveness on the TN Volunteers remark!

A very amusing post... :)

Anne said...

Oh, Caleb, that was funny about not washing the dishes. Thank you for the sweet things you said about me. I appreciate it very much.