Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Tuesday

My three apple pickers! :) Today, we went to Honey Creek Acres to pick apples. There are thirty acres of apple trees here and of every kind you could possibly want.

Many of the apples hung low enough for the boys to reach. So they could fill their own baskets w/their choice of apples.
Allyson was extremely picky about the apples that went into HER basket...there could be no bad spots, bruises or holes in the apple.
Then I got to use the apple picker to reach the high ones that looked so nice, big and juicy way up there.What was so fun about picking apples was the lady that owned Honey Creek Acres said we could stop along the way and eat as many apples as we wanted. So, needless to say, we taste tested quite a few. :) Here we are on one of our breaks. They also make and sell honey here...so we got to see a working bee hive. They only charge $1.50 per lb. for apples...so that's not bad...and we picked 14 lbs. of apples!


Anne said...

Oh, how I would have loved to be there. What a fun day. How far away is this from your house? The kids look so adorable.

Katie said...

Oh WOW! This looks like absolutely fantastic! It reminds me of when we would go pick strawberries in TN when we were little. Anyone remember that? And we'd buy honey there too?

Katie said...

One more thing...I want to taste all the delicious pies you're going to make with those apples, Candace!

Kristin said...

Yea, katie, I remember that. I remember mama getting so mad at me and caleb because she found out that we were gobbling up strawberries instead of putting them in the basket. hehehe. Remember, mama?

Candace, these pics were so wonderful. Especially the first one. you need get that one framed. What a beautiful family.

Candace said...

This is about 15 miles from our house. Yes, I remember going to pick strawberris in TN....wasn't the strawberry patch close to that lady's house who babysat us during the Ed McAteer campaign? Haha about the apple pie, Katie...although I LUV apple pie! Thank you, Kristin, for your sweet compliments. :)

photozmom said...

Such good pictures. Those apples look good enough to eat !! Thanks for sharing you days. I always enjoy seeing your adventures!