Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to our dearest Mama!

Well, this Monday will not be drab, ordinary Monday. Because on the 21st is our darling Mother's Birthday! How many candles will your birthday cake Daddy's gonna bake from scratch going to sport? We fellow blog authors wish you a very Happy Birthday!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Mama! I'm sure it will be fun spending it with Mormor and Bestefar and Aunt Susan. I wish I could be there.

Anne said...

You all are too good to me. The Lord has blessed me with four precious children(and I want to add our two sweet Kevins and Eric) and an husband that I adore. You are all my beloved. Mama

Kevin H said...

We are all so blessed to have such a kind, Godly role model to emulate. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, and we can't wait to come spend some time with you!!! We love you,