Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kristin...dadadadadodo!

Well...our little Pit is getting older. It seems like just yesterday Caleb put sticks in her bike wheel resulting in nasty wrecks...I made Pit give me massages and sleep w/no covers...Katie made Pit braid her hair every night in numorous tiny braids so it would be curly the next day...Daddy and Mama let her climb high ladders and paint the entire trim of their new house. BOY!...DO WE LOVE YOU! It takes a one of kind person like YOU Kristin to put up w/all that and still love us! Happy Bithday, adopted Sister! :)


Kristin said...

Hey! thanks for the birthday greeting in advance. I am thinking about just staying on 25 for another year. Yea, candace, a lot of memories come to my mind when I look over these last 25 years.....but they weren't the ones you mentioned. I always think of the times I used to get up early in the morning to go pee and I would see daddy sitting there reading his bible and getting ready to go off the work....I was also thinking of mama, day after day after day after day, teaching me how to read, write, and do arithmetic. Then, I thought of Katie, how she would take time at least once a semester and drive up to see me at college and take me out to a hotel and spend money on me...Then of course Candace and I were as thick as thieves for a couple years there before and after she went to college. The biggest things I remember is her calling me from college and talking to me for hours. Candace, you dont know how scared I used to be that, since you had all those OLD friends at school that you would forget about me...and you didn't. Caleb!!! what would I have done without you! I can only say that even though you almost killed me countless were the BEST brother anyone could ever have. So the love I got from each one of you completely outways any small things I have given in return...On this (cough cough) 25th birthday of mine....there is one one that comes to my mind and makes me smile...Family. I love you all

Kevin H said...

Have a Happy Birthday, Kristin. Hopefully, we can all get together soon!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Kristin! You are such a sweetheart and the best adopted sister anyone could ever have. I love you, Pit!

grandaddy said...

The blessed loving heritage we enjoy everyday (so casually) is from the the Lord of lords.
What a Saviour!!!!
When we deserved a curse
Jesus blessed us!
After straying we thirst,
Jesus BROUGHT us water!
Six disfunctional sinners
Jesus turns into a family!
Bless his Holy Name.
Still yet while we love Him so megerly,
Jesus bestows brand new compassion on us every morning!
Lord help us.

Jesus has watched over His little lamb for 25 years. Only in heaven will you see and understand what manner of love the Great Shepard has for His little weak wandering lamb.

We should seek Him like a precious treasure....on your 25th birthday meditate on the UNSPEAKABLE GIFT.

Happy Birthday Kristin

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!!!!
I hope you have the most awesome birthday ever. I hope you and Kevin can come visit soon

Anne said...

Happy birthday Kristin,
I remember the morning you were born. 26 yrs ago today I was lying in the hospital bed waiting patiently for daddy to return w/movie film. I'm glad now that I waited. What exciting memories to have taped. Love, mama