Monday, July 14, 2008

Allyson doing her favorite thing

Today was Allyson's first day of Pee Wee Pony Camp at Greenbriar Riding Academy. From noon til 3pm, Allyson was doing her favorite thing...being around horses. She has camp the rest of the week...she will be staying at Papa and Grandma's house til Friday, and Papa will be taking her to camp because they live about 5 miles away from Greenbriar Riding Academy. It was so much fun watching her trot her horse and seeing her little head bouncing up and down...then hearing her laughter! So the next camp day I'll see will be her last day...Friday...and I plan on getting a video of her that day. There are more pics of Allyson's fun day at horse camp on 'hannafam'. :-)


Candace said...

And I need to add a very important note to this post...THANK YOU, AUNT KATIE, FOR MAKING THIS ALL POSSIBLE! It's like a dream world for me and Allyson! :)

Anne said...

Whow, this looks like fun.Allyson, you look so cute with your riding hat, and I know your horse really likes you. Do you know that grandaddy had a horse when he was a teenager and could ride fast like a cowboy.

Kristin said...

czdvuThis is sooooooooooooo great, candace. She is going to remember this for the rest of her life!!