Friday, May 2, 2008

Mera decides to take a walk

I think this picture is so funny. She looks so grown up in this picture. If you look closely at her lips you will see what she does ALL the time. She touches her lips together and has spit on them and then spreads them apart to make a bubble between her lips. If you like this picture check out shutterfly tonight after I put alot of great pics of meradeth on there.
Posted by: Kristin Whitley


Candace said...

Is this your power walk, Mera? You look similar to your Grandmother when walking up to Carl Sandburg's house.

Kaleb used to do that blowing bubble thing w/his lips. Cute!

grandaddy said...

kristin it with style
or just dont do it

Anne said...

Look out world, here I come!!!!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, Kristin...this picture is a scream!!