Monday, May 26, 2008

Heavy winds

At least 8 people were killed in Iowa and MN. from storms which swept across here late last night. We had scary gusts that we listened to while in the basement. This swing used to be down level w/the trees(about 12 feet). If you notice there is also a laying hen running loose that must have been blown over the fence last night. I'm thankful to the Lord nothing else worse happened to us.


Anne said...

Daddy and I just got home and I came upstairs to check your blog. I haven't listened to the news for about 2 days so I didn't know you were having bad storms. How thankful we are that nothing worse happened. Love, mama

Kristin said...

This is terrible. Everyday, more and more, I keep thinking of how we all should live closer together while we are still hear on this earth. I am so glad you guys are alright.

Katie said...

I forgot to ask you about this in my email to you this morning. I heard about the storms on the news and checked to see how close they were to where you are at. I am so glad you all area ok!!