Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meradeth's new toy!!

Meradeth loves her new toy that Aunt Katie and Aunt Candace bought for her...She couldn't wait until I got it put together. She does need a little help rocking, but she can get off all by herself. Thank you, Aunt Katie and Aunt Candace! I love you -Mera


Katie said...

Oh Mera, you look so cute! When you get older you'll realize that Aunt Candace just wanted to buy this for you, because that is a toy that she would have right now if she wasn't too old.

Candace said...

Yes, Mera, can I try it when I come see you...pleeeeeease?! I would love to see you dismount this bronco...your mama says you look like a regular Roy Rogers. When seeing the blog pic, Allyson said she wished she had a toy like that. Poor Ally doesn't have any toys...HA!